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Why children’s crash-related injuries can be incredibly expensive

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Parents usually do everything in their power to protect their children. They make decisions about what vehicles they purchase and how they drive out with the goal of minimizing the risk to their children. Unfortunately, even the most diligent parent cannot protect their children from issues caused by other people.

Young people are at particularly high risk of serious injury or death when motor vehicle collisions occur. The safety systems and restraints installed in vehicles are primarily for adult use and do not work properly for smaller passengers. While young people grow quickly and often heal rapidly, the injuries they incur during a car crash could actually prove far more expensive than similar injuries would be when adults get hurt.

Pediatric care is expensive

Modern medicine is very costly, and even those with insurance may pay thousands of dollars in deductibles or coinsurance. While medical costs have surged in recent years, the increase in costs for pediatric care has outpaced the costs for other types of medical support. Specialized training and more costly malpractice lawsuits can both contribute to the increased medical expenses created by a child’s injuries.

There are more complicating factors

Children who get hurt don’t just require specialist treatment. They are also at risk of consequences adults may not face. A small facial injury could cause permanent disfigurement because of how scar tissue reacts to physical development over time. A broken bone could damage the growth plate and lead to a variety of challenging medical issues for a child. The possibility of growth and development requiring recurring care can drastically increase the overall cost of a child’s injuries after a car wreck.

Children may need adult support

A child may require all-day medical support because of their injuries. Parents may either need to hire specialized childcare providers who can meet those medical needs or make the decision to stay home to care for the child themselves. Both the cost of specialized day-to-day support and the lost wages triggered by a child’s injuries could drastically increase the overall financial impact that a car crash has on a family.

Recognizing when crash consequences might go beyond what insurance can cover may help people more effectively respond to a serious car crash. Those who discuss their situation with a skilled legal team may develop a better understanding of their options for recovering the costs of a child’s car crash injuries.