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3 times a slip-and-fall could leave someone unable to work

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2024 | Premises Liability

If someone were on a game show answering a question about how people get hurt in accidents, they might talk about job risks or car crashes. A slip-and-fall or same-level fall is unlikely to make the top of the list.

People know that falls are dangerous, but they associate full risk with certain types of careers or the use of a ladder. Many people find it surprising to learn that approximately a million people every year go to the emergency room seeking treatment for injuries from slip-and-falls. Some of those people have major medical bills. A small percentage of them may also have lost wages to address.

When might a slip-and-fall leave someone unable to work?

When they have a soft tissue injury

One of the most common injuries in a slip-and-fall scenario is soft tissue damage. People tense up when they fall and try to grab anything they can. Their attempts to avoid injury might lead to soft tissue injuries. Depending on the job someone has and the severity of their injuries, they might need several weeks away from their employment until their symptoms subside.

When they break a bone

People don’t just stress their muscles and connective tissue when they try to avoid falling. They also put themselves at risk of broken bones. People can break bones in their hands, arms and shoulders trying to stop a slip-and-fall in progress. People can also break bones in their lower extremities because of how they flail when they fall. Broken bones can leave someone unable to work a blue-collar job. More serious fractures might require surgery and could leave someone in the hospital for an extended stay.

When they hit their heads

The only thing riskier than trying to stop a slip-and-fall is failing to react. People who fall straight to the floor can strike their heads and may develop traumatic brain injury. Same-level falls can sometimes lead to fatal bleeding inside the skull. Even if the injuries are not potentially deadly, they can affect someone’s career. Brain injury symptoms affect everything from motor function to memory. People may have to retire early or move to a less-demanding and lower-paying job.

A premises liability lawsuit brought against a business with unsafe facilities could potentially compensate those unable to work because of their injuries. Those hurt by unsafe facilities can request compensation for lost wages and medical expenses in some cases.