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Can homeowner’s insurance pay for dog bite injury expenses?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Dog Bites

Premises liability isn’t just an issue for businesses. Obviously, retail establishments need to have protection in place in case customers end up injured while visiting a store. However, the average homeowner also needs a degree of protection against liability.

Those who are still in the process of paying off their mortgages typically have an obligation to carry homeowner’s insurance. Their policies help protect against the possibility of large financial losses, such as repairs due to storm damage.

Premises liability coverage is also standard on an average homeowner’s insurance policy. If a friend of the family falls down the stairs and breaks a hip, homeowner’s insurance can cover their medical costs and other expenses. Does homeowner’s insurance also cover dog bite injuries?

Many dog bites are eligible for coverage

Premises liability coverage does not just apply to scenarios in which the property itself causes injuries. People can also file claims in scenarios where they get hurt at the property due to unusual circumstances, including a dog bite incident. Homeowner’s insurance coverage may even apply if the dog bite happens at a park or other public place, rather than the home of the animal’s owner.

It is typically necessary for those with homeowner’s insurance coverage to disclose their pet ownership to the insurance provider. Insurance companies sometimes refuse to provide coverage for certain breeds or may slightly increase the cost of a homeowner’s coverage based on the type or number of animals present at the property.

That being said, so long as a homeowner has been honest about their animal ownership, their homeowner’s insurance policy could very well help pay for any injury-related expenses other people have because their pet becomes aggressive.

Homeowner’s insurance can pay for the cost of medical care after a dog bite incident and can also help replace lost wages. Property damage coverage is also available, as a dog bite incident could lead to damaged designer clothing or broken electronics. Yet, oftentimes, the most effective means of securing a reasonable settlement from homeowner’s insurance involves litigation. Those injured by an animal may need to file a lawsuit after a dog bite incident, but the outcome of that lawsuit may be an insurance payout.

Reviewing the circumstances that led to injuries caused by an aggressive dog with a skilled legal team may help people determine what options they have for covering their expenses. Both renter’s and homeowner’s insurance can often cover dog bite expenses as a form of premises liability.