What to do in an accident?


Call 911 immediately

After any accident, call the police so they can file a report and issue citations, if necessary.


In the case of serious injury, request an ambulance.


Call if lawyer (if injured)

Once emergency personnel has been called and the police have determined you are not at fault for the accident, contact a car accident injury attorney to assess your case and proved guidance.


The photos of the accident scene

Get a visual account of the accident (photos of the damage, license plates, location identifiers, etc.).


This will help with the claim process and give your attorney a better understanding of what happened.


Get personal information from other drivers

Make sure you note all relevant information from those involved, such as name, phone number, insurance policy number, car make, car model and where you were driving.


Be careful what you say

Don’t admit fault, discuss the accident or apologize to other drivers at the scene.

Cooperate with the police, but only talk about the details of the accident with your attorney.