L.Ray Pearce


Ray Pearce, while born in Germany, was raised a Texan in the DFW area since he was two years old. He graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and went on to get a BBA degree in accounting at the University of Texas at Austin. Ray then decided to attend law school and obtained his law degree from St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio, Texas, and was admitted to the State bar of Texas in 1982.

Since then Ray has had a litigation based practice covering a wide range of cases including personal injury, family law, probate law, bankruptcy, construction law and of course criminal law. Ray joined the Law Offices of Kelly T. Curran in 2017 and is now focused primarily on making sure that victims of motor vehicle accidents get the medical treatment they deserve and on obtaining a fair and equitable recovery for their injuries.

Attorney Ray is both a father and grandfather, and is currently in semi-retirement. He carries a limited docket so as to make sure he can push each case while spending more time with his family. Attorney Ray strongly suggests that if you are a client of his and cannot reach him, to immediately reach attorney Kelly T. Curran and let him know.
Attorney Ray’s goal in life is to have a happy semi-retirement and have nothing but happy clients and family. If there is ever anything that the office itself can do to help a client’s happiness, let his paralegal know first, and attorney Kelly T. Curran next in the event Ray himself can’t take care of it.