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If you are looking at this, it most likely means that you, or someone close to you, has been hurt in a car wreck or other similar injury-producing incident, like a slip or trip and fall at a store, to an on-the-job injury where the employer doesn’t subscribe to workers compensation. Recovering from such an event is the focus of 100% of our practice, both in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and the greater Houston area. Sad for all, we also handle cases in which someone has been killed by the negligent actions of another. Known as both survival and wrongful death actions, we have successfully brought justice and closure to families who have tragically had to seek our services to help after the passing of a loved one.

Since 2014, we have been helping families recover from such incidents, ranging from smaller car wrecks to the unfortunate massive impact, horrendous-injury leading to the death of a relative. Attorney Kelly T. Curran has been in practice in the DFW area since 2009, doing exactly this type of work the entire course of his career. This has allowed us to build a network of medical providers that we know aren’t quacks and actually bring their patients to a recovery.


The way we work is via something called a ‘contingency fee.’ It is an attorney fee that is contingent upon – meaning something has to happen before it is charged – the successful settlement or trial judgment of a client’s case. The client is in the driver’s seat regarding settlements; all we can do is relay an offer and tell a client what it means to him or her. We also incur expenses in moving forward with a client’s case. It usually starts with ordering documents like the police report and medical bills or records, and continues through to litigation if such is necessary. You only pay our contingency fee, and these expenses, upon the successful completion of our case via settlement or trial judgment. You will never pay us out of pocket, for anything, including if we were to have the most rare, and unfortunate result there is, being a loss at trial.

So call us for a free consultation; in fact, continue talking to us through the work-up, and then closure, of your case. You never pay us outside what I described above, yet we will only pay you with hard work, organized progress, and a result that matches or beats the expectations for a case similar to yours in the area in which you find your case.

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